The industry, and MRA, keeps pushing on

South Africa is in its fourth month of lockdown – on Level 3 – which is somewhat better than Level 5 but it’s not all good news unfortunately. The country had reported 159 333 positive COVID-19 cases on 2 July and at this rate I’m too scared to guess what that number will be by the time you read this.

If you are feeling even remotely like I do, then talking or reading about COVID-19 is becoming quite draining. Nonetheless, our world is living through unprecedented times and this drives our decisions, actions, routines and definitely our conversations.

I wonder how our mining CEOs and general managers are feeling on a daily basis. It must be hard feeling the pressure to perform financially under the circumstances, knowing that their employees are at risk of contracting the virus. As I mentioned in one of my recent coffee videos – the ability to self-distance in a cage necessary to travel underground is difficult, if not impossible.

Impressively, I find the number of reported positive COVID-19 cases in South Africa’s mining sector quite refreshing (perhaps not the best choice of word but, in honesty, this is how I am feeling). As of 25 June, the Minerals Council South Africa reported only 1 795 positive cases from our mines. This is an impressive number considering we employ around 423 000 people in the sector. Nonetheless, putting yourself at risk every day must be hard – but understandable. The industry and by association the greater economy needs a fighting chance and working is what is required.

COVID-19 aside, I’m proud to say that Mining Review Africa has been and will continue delivering a quality product, both in print format and through our various online and social media platforms, which now include a podcast channel. You can visit our podcast page: multimedia/podcasts/ or subscribe to our channel via Spotify or Apple Podcasts. It is yet another mechanism through which we are able to effectively deliver valuable mining-related content to you.

We are also finding novel ways to ensure our publication is still reaching the right audiences to guarantee reader and advertiser value. Take this edition for example – it is being digitally distributed to the AAMEG subscriber database, making it relevant to the broader Australian/ African mining sector.

So for now, MRA is keeping its chin up and its hand sanitizer close by – I hope you are doing the same.

Until next month, stay safe.

Laura Cornish, Editor-in-Chief