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Mining Review Africa Issue 8 2020

The silver lining

What’s yours?

Good news has never been quite as exciting as it is now during lockdown. Achievements and successes seem a little harder to come by, so when they happen it is really worth celebrating.

Fortunately, the mining industry is no stranger to working within adverse conditions. As such, with a little more push, it has continued to excel in different areas – and you only need to read this edition for confirmation.

In light of this, I’d like to take the opportunity to share some positive news of my own – also driven by the consequences of dare I say it, COVID-19. With a mining journalism background that is approaching 16 years, I have been afforded the chance to share my extensive industry knowledge across Clarion Event Africa’s entire mining portfolio. This will extend to helping develop and drive content for our three Africa-focusing mining events including DRC Mining Week, Africa Mining Forum and Nigeria Mining Week – in both a live and digital capacity.

This is not only an exciting prospect in terms of utilising my skills, connections and relationships to expand our company’s mining vision but it will enable us to effectively, as a greater team, deliver the quality information our industry is looking for. The events side of the business also brings with it great industry contacts and information from ‘on the ground’ and through my position, I hope to leverage that information across our mining media platforms, from print through to online and social media.

Never before has one media/events house been able to offer our industry a fully consolidated platform for information sharing. I truly believe this has already positioned us uniquely in the industry and will continue to do so. I’m certain you will find yourselves continuously returning to our platforms to stay up to date but also to drive your own brand exposure and skills set to the widest possible mining market.

Rest assured, I retain my position as the Editor-In-Chief of Mining Review Africa and will continue to play an active role in the direction the brand will pursue and I look forward to growing the title as a leading African mining focused title.

So in true style, we have found the silver lining on our cloud, and I’d love to connect with you and learn more about your own silver linings.

Our September issue will pay tribute to those companies who have adapted their businesses to operate in our new world, so there is no better time to share this news with our readers. Let’s connect and share!