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Cost Accountant (Accounting / Production / Mining)

Job Description:
Mining Company is looking for a Cost/Production Accountant to join on their Mine Site in Namibia.
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  • Monitor operational budget in business activity in the company, based on the regular budget that has been made, to ensure the activity of the company in accordance with the company’s business objectives.
  • Review and monitor company financial routine expenditure based on the existing policy by making comparisons over the budget that has been created with the actual costs incurred to minimize the cost of variants.
  • Manage company cost by monitor company budget that have been made with the financial condition of the company, so all cost can be register and give informative report.
  • Evaluate all project cost that have been used, so company can ensure project effectiveness and activities in accordance with the objective of the company business.
  • Prepare financial statement report periodically, so board always be informed the progress of projects that have been executed.
  • Facilitate the preparation of economic analysis of the financial model by doing and give relevant advice on fees to support company decision making.
  • Monitor and review the agreement to each project conducted by any division to ensure agreement in accordance with prevailing policy in the division of finance & accounting.

Requirements: Qualification and Skill

  • Experience in Cost Control area for 3-5 years, preferably from Public Accountant background.
  • Namibian Nationality
  • Excellent Financial Planning and Budgeting skills.
  • Intermediate Financial Analysis skill.
  • Knowledge about Cash Flow Management.
  • Knowledge about Tax Statement.

Benefits and Contractual information:

  • Competitive Market Related Salary