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Client Description:CA Mining Mining Review Africa
The company is a turnkey supplier of high performance, high quality process control and field instrumentation systems and services in the chemical, petrochemical, mining, pulp and paper, sugar, power generation and iron and steel industries. They are a global company focussed on industrial automation and control, test & measurement and information systems, their mission is to combine the courage to innovate with dedication to quality, service and individual market needs, as well as a concern for the environment and good citizenship. They are committed to the supply of world-leading products that are backed by the provision of engineering and technical support services that will guarantee customer satisfaction.Job Description:
Advisor to the Branch Manager relating to Company performance for the company. Collaborates with the Head Office and other affiliates and/or coordinating subsidiaries, Sales offices or agents to execute effective operational controls in the region of responsibility. Collaborate with partners, agents, distributors and suppliers to maximize operational objectives, while ensuring compliant business activity consistent with the company’s core values.

Duties and responsibilities:

Financial Control and Reporting:

  • Ensures compliance with legal, fiscal and corporate procedures and policies;
  • Maintains an efficient administrative organisation;
  • Ensures timely and correct reporting to the SA management team and to the company’s corporate reporting department;
  • In collaboration with the branch manager and the Senior Manager: Finance, guide the requirements for maintaining efficient and effective project financial controls;
  • Ensures timely and correct (project) revenue recognition, reviewing Project Revenue Forecasts (PRF) and Percentage of Completion (POC) assessments; in collaboration with the SA finance office.
  • Analyses the Company performance, highlighting risks & concerns and initiating concepts for improvement;
  • Implements the company’s Authorisation Rule and ensure compliance with the Authorisation Rule as it applies to the operational responsibilities of this department;
  • Maintains the company’s annual audit and compliance monitoring plans. Act as an interface with the Company’s auditors, supporting the audit process to the successful and efficient finalization of the Company’s Approved Financial Statements.
  • Assists in Optimising the Company tax structures for compliant inbound and outbound transactions.

Financial and Commercial Strategies:

  • Assists the Senior Manager: Finance to ensure efficient and effective budgeting, financial planning and forecasting;
  • Assist in the coordination of the Company’s Annual Business Plans (the Budget) as well as consolidating Mid Term Business Plans (MTBP), in collaboration with the region’s Senior Management Team.
  • Supports Sales in assessing business cases in order to identify potential financial and fiscal risks as well as in margin and cash flow projections;
  • Assist in risk management and hedging of current and future positions in foreign currencies.

Requirements – Qualification and Skill:

  • B. Com (Accounting) graduate, honours preferable.
  • Minimum of 5 – 8 years’ post graduate experience in finance and controls.
  • Experience in an international organization
  • Experience in a project execution environment.
  • CIMA Strategic Level
  • Experience in a product/services related environment.