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CA Mining Mining Review Africa

Job Description:
Provide Geotechnical advice and assistance on Undercutting and Drawbell construction, planning and operations.


  • Design and assist in implementing systems, procedures and techniques that will reduce or eliminate Rockfall hazards.
  • Identify, develop and introduce best practices regarding mine, undercutting methods, support design and monitoring methods, tools and equipment.
  • Assist in creating systems (e.g. Strata control standards) which embed safe mining practices.
  • Training and enabling functional specialists as well as operating personnel to understand rock mass risks and lead indicators.
  • Analyze trends of roof falls and accidents / incidents.
  • Select the most suitable ground support by applying geotechnical assessments to ensure that the desired levels of stability will be maintained throughout the required period of operation.
  • Execute continuous Audit for systems and compliance to Code of Practice and confirming validity of current practices.

Requirements / Qualifications:

  • Chamber of Mines Certificate – Rock Mechanics
  • Managerial/supervisory experience
  • Analysing and interpreting Geotech data information
  • Applicable legal knowledge and understanding
  • Advanced Certificate in Rock Engineering / GDE / Post graduate Rock Engineering / Geotechnical
  • Degree/Diploma with a strong mathematical base or Geology/Mining/Geotech Engineering
  • Experience in block cave establishment including undercutting and drawbell construction.
  • Extensive knowledge of massive mining methods and relevant Geotech monitoring systems.
  • 10 years’ experience in Geotechnical/Rock Mechanics of which 5 years was on supervisory level.
  • Experience in Numerical modelling Software (elastic and inelastic).
  • Experience in Seismic and Integrated geotechnical monitoring systems

Contract Position:

  • Relocation Required
  • 2 Year Contract
  • Market Related Salary