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Geo-technical Engineer (Open Pit)

Job Description: CA Mining Mining Review Africa
Our client is looking for a Geo-technical / Rock Engineer responsible for leading the Geo-technical Section at the  Mine and will be responsible for implementing and co-coordinating all Geo-technical mining functions for the current phase of the Mine.

Responsibilities:Ensure legal compliance for production and projects within area of responsibility

  • Provide technical consulting, troubleshooting and assurance service
  • Train and mentor junior staff
  • Attend monthly planning meetings with production and project teams
  • Ensure that all legal documentation is up to date i.e. COP’s and update support recommendations


  • Undergraduate or Graduate Degree in Engineering Geology, Mining Engineering or Civil Engineering
  • Chamber of Mines Rock Engineering ticket
  • More than five 5 years’ experience in open pit mining
  • Previous Iron Ore and Africa experience
  • Experience with Geological/Geotechnical Modelling software
  • Valid drivers’ license

Benefits and Contractual information:

  • Limited Time Contract
  • 6/3 Rotation
  • FIFO
  • Housing, Food and Insurances will be provided