Kogi Iron
UUBO are legal advisers to Kogi Iron Limited, sponsors of the Agbaja Cast Steel Project, and its Nigerian subsidiary, KCM Mining Limited.

Reference Number: 18102017AD

Job Description: 

The Group Manager Responsible Minerals Development is responsible for providing advice, guidance and support to the to the various management teams on all matters affecting responsible minerals development within their area of responsibility and to ensure that working practices adopted by the business comply with local legislation and best practice.


  • Assist the Head of Safety heath and security in preparing responsible minerals development strategies and internal policy to deliver on the functional objectives
  • Conduct group wide responsible minerals development risk assessments and maintain and manage the risk register
  • Conduct internal audits to monitor and improve implementation of the responsible minerals development section of the integrated SHS management system
  • Audit suppliers and contractors (pre and during contracts) on the Responsible Minerals Development matters of the contract
  • Coordinate and prepare the group Responsible Minerals Development monthly reports
  • Set up systems for gathering statistics and GRI data for internal management and external Sustainable Development reports and report on the these data

Requirements: Qualification and Skill 

  • Bachelor degree with a minimum of 10-15 years practical experience in Responsible Minerals Development
  • Permanent Position


Feature image credit: Kogi Iron