CA Mining Mining Review Africa Jobs

CA Mining Mining Review Africa

Job Description:
To manage and maintain a Survey and evaluation service on surface and underground according to government regulations and mine policy.


  • Carries legal responsibility for a section of a mine (one shaft or more) in accordance with the Mines and Works Act and Regulations
  • Evaluates ore resources and projects future operations using information & data supplied by MRM department
  • Justifies the continuation/discontinuation of reef development according to the playability of the area concerned
  • Comments, advises and checks on the feasibility of underground layouts and workings
  • Calculates and monitors anticipated grade and various efficiency factors and takes corrective action in case of any anomalies
  • Conducts special survey projects as and when required by management e.g. sinking of new shafts, holings and implementation of computer models and programmes
  • Plans and budgets for all Survey services required for his area of responsibility e.g. labour equipment and material requirements
  • Take responsible care to protect their own safety and the safety of others who may be affected by any act or omission of that employee

Requirements: Qualification and Skill

  • A three-year National Diploma or Degree in Mineral Resource Management or Survey
  • Mine Surveyors Certificate of Competency (must accompany CV)
  • At least five years survey or sampling experience
  • Experienced in vertical shaft sinking and engineering surveying techniques
  • A valid Certificate of Fitness or the ability to obtain one

Benefits and Contractual information:

  • Permanent position
  • D-Lower position