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Transnet: Upping its bulk commodity delivery capacity

Transnet is undertaking a number of projects aimed at expanding its freight logistics rail infrastructure network to meet customer demand.


Lemur graphite

Lemur pioneers power in Madagascar

Bushveld Minerals' coal and energy subsidiary Lemur Holdings is committed to delivering one of Madagascar’s first and largest independent power projects.

End-to-end integrated solutions from Weir Minerals Africa

This year’s Electra Mining Africa exhibition is an opportunity for Weir Minerals Africa to showcase its range of products and integrated solutions services.
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DRC Mining Week: The event that keeps on growing!

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Electra Mining: Integrated solutions from Zest WEG Group

Zest WEG Group’s consolidated exhibition space at this year’s Electra Mining Africa show is testament to the group’s legacy of entrepreneurial success.
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Memories and milestones of Electra Mining spanning four decades

1972- Electra Mining Africa was first held at the Milner Park Show Grounds, with 50 exhibitors using a total of 1 500 square metres.

From arc safety to value, Dromex believes in showing true colours

At Dromex believes that all employees are entitled to maximum protection and that employers should never compromise on quality of protective products.