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Chad reveals highly prospective gold anomalies for Tekton Minerals

Inside an artisinal mining pit at Am Oucher

Singapore-registered and privately owned mining company Tekton Minerals has in the past 18 months discovered a variety of highly prospective, gold-rich ground in Chad – a country which to date remains largely unexplored.

This is an impressive feat, primarily because the company was only established in 2013 but also because it generally takes years to identify an attractive mineral target worth pursuing, Laura Cornish reports.

The Tekton board and management team, together with founder and CEO Dr Alain Pillevuit, have worked together for over 15 years and have considerable experience identifying, evaluating, attracting funding and developing mineral projects in sub-Saharan Africa for a number of major international mining companies.

“The formation of this company is the result of our team’s ambition and aspiration to find and develop a project according to our own chosen boundaries and prerequisites, with no restrictions or established processes and protocols,” says Pillevuit.

Exploring the underexplored

Since the company’s official establishment, the Tekton team’s approach to sourcing attractive mining tenements has been “to use our combined extensive African knowledge and experience, both technical and political, to look in underexplored regions where the major and mid-tier mining companies have not yet established themselves,” Pillevuit explains.

Chad proved to possess exactly what the CEO and his team were looking for. The company has since formed a business strategy, on the back of its Chad-based projects, which entails the pursuit, acquisition and development of low cost, early-stage mineral opportunities (primarily gold) in underexplored, prospective countries in Africa – based on Tekton’s ability to operate effi ciently in extremely remote, culturally diverse areas and challenging jurisdictions.

“Ultimately, we intend to create and build a multi-commodity portfolio with a strong focus on high grade gold opportunities and our Chad-based gold project, Dorothe, represents the start of our journey towards achieving..

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