With the increased demand for new-technology minerals and metals driven by the global transition towards a low-carbon economy, the mining sector must not lose sight of the environmental, social and governance responsibilities in the host countries in which it operates.

An opportunity to accelerate socio-economic progress has emerged in the mining-dependent countries where these minerals will be mined, but this hinges on good natural resource governance to ensure that the natural resource wealth is used to improve the lives of the people in these countries, International Council on Mining and Metals (ICMM) CEO ROHITESH DHAWAN tells CHANTELLE KOTZE.

The ICMM initially undertook extensive research on the topic of social progress in mining dependent countries in a 2018 study, which challenged the notion of the ‘resource curse’ – a widely held perception that an abundance of natural resources in host countries damages economic and social progress. The ICMM’s most recent study on the topic, builds on this research and was aimed at better understanding the linkage between effective resource governance and social progress.