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The South African Capital Equipment Export Council’s (SACEEC) CEO ERIC BRUGGEMAN has revealed that the organisation is celebrating a massive breakthrough in facilitating networking and relationship-building opportunities between mining companies in the DRC and its own South African-based members. LAURA CORNISH reports.

The SACEEC’s primary focus is to enable the South African capital equipment sector to grow business through export opportunities.

With a solid track record achieving this across various countries in Africa and further afield cross the globe, it has more recently injected a lot of effort into delivering opportunities in the DRC for its members.

This article first appeared in Mining Review Africa Issue 4, 2019
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“The DRC is a challenging environment, like many places in the world, but if you operate according to the legislative requirements you can still be successful in the country,” Bruggeman states.

Having attempted to connect its members with the local mining houses via DRC government officials who were meant in doing so to offer additional incentives, Bruggeman immediately terminated discussions when those officials requested facilitation fees.

“While the process we initially opted for didn’t succeed, we have since found another route to achieve the same results – one which we believe will bear greater fruits,” Bruggeman shares.

Having established a close partnership with the Spintelligent events team responsible for delivering DRC Mining Week as well as other events in Africa, the team has arranged site visits during the week of the conference for SACEEC members to visit some of the country’s high profile mining operations and their buyers and strategic decision makers.

Those mines include Ivanhoe Mine’s Kamoa-Kakula copper project, China Molybdenum Company’s Tenke Fungurume mine, MMK’s Kinsevere mine and Metorex’s Ruashi mine.

“Spintelligent has delivered on what was becoming an impossible task. This is a fantastic achievement for the event in bringing additional delegates to the country and for our own members who now have access to strategic role players which in turn could lead to business generating opportunities,” Bruggeman enthuses.

Local and virtual reality offices offer additional assistance

Bruggeman notes that SACEEC members also have access to make use of their local DRC offices as well as a virtual reality business centre which represents South African companies with established subsidiary businesses in the country who will fulfil the role of host to other South African companies looking to do business in the region.

The business centre hosts will facilitate the process of setting up shop in the country by giving companies the opportunity to meet with potential clients, build relationships and gain access to mine sites and new projects.

On the back of an order that may result from this, those host companies will share their premises (at a pre-arranged fee between companies) for stock and equipment holding once imported into the country.

“It is difficult to invest locally in infrastructure and resources without an existing order book. Through the use of our facilities companies can operate using a local address which guarantees compliancy with sub-contractor laws. In this way they don’t incur unnecessary expenses until they are generating in-country cash flow.”

SACEEC will have a booth at DRC Mining Week to facilitate discussions between its members and other delegates.

“I would like to congratulate Spintelligent for assisting us in breaking barriers for our members to do business in the country,” Bruggeman concludes.