AECI is a leading supply partner to a broad spectrum of customers in the mining, food and beverage, agricultural, manufacturing and speciality chemical sectors in Africa. Th e company recognises that water scarcity and security of supply are key challenges facing the continent and has therefore made water a key pillar of its African growth strategy. With its proud history of providing bespoke water management and process solutions to industries and municipalities across sub-Saharan Africa for the past 55 years, ImproChem is the driving force of AECI’s water & process pillar.

ImproChem is a leading provider of value-add water and process treatment chemicals, equipment and services for the mining and minerals processing industry in Africa. Through innovation, breakthrough technology and dedicated teams of global and local experts, the company provides solutions to help mining houses successfully compete and win in today’s ever-evolving mining industry.

ImproChem’s key focus areas are:

• Water management and re-use solutions for mine water recovery, treatment and recycling
• Advanced cooling and boiler water treatment and management programmes
• Solid/liquid separation solutions
• Acid mine water stabilisation and bulk mine water disinfection technologies
• Hydrometallurgical aids
• Package and custom-engineered water treatment plants
• Materials handling and haul road dust control programmes
• Specialised fuel additives and engine coolants
• On-line, real-time monitoring and control instrumentation
• Scale and corrosion control technologies

ImproChem produces more than 350 unique chemical formulations at its South African manufacturing facilities in Umbogintwini and Pietermaritzburg. Its flexible manufacturing systems ensure short production lead times and order-to delivery cycles.

In addition to developing and implementing fully integrated systems, the company’s culture of continuous improvement helps customers maximise yields and minimise waste generation and water usage.

The ImproChem Engineered Solutions offering integrates well with its chemical solutions provided. The combined chemical and engineering solution businesses provide a synergy facilitating a one-stop shop water managed solution. Its philosophy is to be a value-added supplier for its customers through its sales technologists’ extensive knowledge and understanding of customer’s processes and key industry success drivers.

ImproChem’s key resources required to deliver results and sustainable business are achieved through its 220 trained sales technologists and management support. This is further enhanced through access to state-of-the-art chemical and engineering water treatment technology and industry specific service packages geared towards optimum value generation. In support of its commitment to solving customers’ problems and ensuring sustainability, ImproChem has increased its equipment stock holding. This is part of a specifi c drive to address water supply to drought stricken communities and to assist customers to address water reuse and recycle initiatives, thus reducing new water intake and simultaneously reducing effluent footprints as well.

ImproChem, over the past two decades, has designed and built over 300 water treatment plants in more than 30 countries.

These plants produce up to:
• 73 Mℓ/day drinking water
• 48 Mℓ/day treated wastewater
• 51 Mℓ/day prepared process and Industrial grade water quality
• 91 Mℓ/day process filtration water

The company differentiates itself though customised, service oriented solutions by combining relevant products and technology, experience and innovation.

Its current water treatment stock holding can produce up to 22 Mℓ/day of potable water.

ImproChem has a specialist team that in conjunction with GE industry specialists can provide water audits and consulting services to assist customers devise improved, integrated and sustainable water use plans. It supports the need to create awareness among its customers, employees and communities to be responsible and consider the environment for future generations.

As a manufacturer of specialty chemical products that are used to support engineered solutions, ImproChem is in a position to deploy mobile water treatment plants into various areas.


ImproChem has been in business since 1961. It has undertaken various acquisitions with the latest being Clariant’s water business in 2014 and GE‘s sub-Saharan water and process technology business in 2012. The GE acquisition resulted in a technical and licence agreement providing a fl ow of technology to support ImproChem‘s core business in the water treatment and management sector. These recent acquisitions have grown the business geography encompassing sub-Saharan Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands.

What does partnering with General Electric Water & Process Technologies mean?

• Access to world-class chemical, monitoring, control and engineering technologies;
• Access to globally renowned domain experts and state-of-the-art laboratories;
• Pipeline of innovative new technology to solve emerging problems;
• General Electric brand: innovation and integrity;
• Product manufacturing under licence at our Umbogintwini plant. ImproChem‘s well-established footprint in Africa provides local technical expertise and support to help customers in solving their toughest operational and environmental challenges.

ImproChem goes beyond complexity to customised solutions through collaboration and care.