20 March 2015 marked three years since MMG completed the acquisition of Kinsevere

International base metals company MMG made a grand entrance into the African mining sector whenit acquired the world-class Katanga, DRC-based Kinsevere copper mine in February 2012. Havinginvested significantly in the operation since then, the project has exceeded its nameplate productioncapacity (in 2013) and is set to produce even greater volumes in 2014, writes Laura Cornish.

MMG’s commitment to Kinsevere, and in turn the DRC, has been evident ever since it acquired the project from Anvil Mining. Shortly after taking full control, the company focused intently on ramping up the mine’s 60 000 tpm (ROM) nameplate capacity by increasing mining rates (by 225%), mill throughput (by 72%), improving asset utilisation and stabilising power supply.

In 2013, Kinsevere not only achieved its design capacity, but exceeded it substantially, producing 62 076 t of copper cathode, two thirds more than 2012, thereby contributing to a significant rise in the company’s total copper production for the year. MMG owns operational mines and development projects in Australia and Asia. “The particularly strong and consistent performance at Sepon [in Asia] and Kinsevere during the year contributed to 23% higher total copper production compared to 2012. Both of these operations achieved annual production records and exceeded nameplate capacity,” says MMG CEO Andrew Michelmore.

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