BME: Blast planning new heights with BLASTMAP

“As an enabling tool for our AXXIS electronic initiation system, BLASTMAP now has a powerful burden relief feature." - D. Scott Scovira from BME
Zest WEG

Zest WEG provides African mines with flexibility

Zest WEG has delivered in excess of 23 pre-manufactured E-house solutions to the market in various applications in Africa.
Mincom South Africa

1 km Drilled in nine days at exploration site

"Since we were drilling into granite we wanted extreme durability and reduced downtime associated with bit changes or bit sharpening."

Power and precision: New Cat MD6380 rotary blasthole drill

With a hole diameter of of 251 to 381 mm, single-pass hole depth of 19.8 m; multi-pass hole depth of 39.5 m, the drill is designed for large-scale mining.
Mantashe ast

Pirate operators can have you up in smoke warn AST

Allowing untrained professionals to service and maintain fire protection systems will not only dent a puts employees at great risk.

Endeavour Mining and SEMAFO create gold powerhouse

The West African gold producers entered an agreement in March 2020 which will see Endeavour acquire all of the issued and outstanding securities of SEMAFO.

Harnessing the sun and wind for energy at Prieska project

Orion Minerals’ Prieska copper-zinc project is nestled within a well-established renewable energy hub in South Africa’s Northern Cape Province.
ael energy

Automatic energy optimisation saves millions

With the upgrade, AEL Intelligent Blasting aimed to improve efficiency and reliability by introducing AC drive motor control.

Imilingo Mineral Processing: Pushing the innovation envelope

Imilingo is also able to service smaller mining operations with unique needs, such as quick-to-erect conveyor systems - Imilingo’s iConvey product.
RBPlat covid-19

Can West Africa survive COVID-19?

COVID-19, together with the regional security concerns, is likely to impact on West Africa’s mining and natural resources sector, for some time to come.

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