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RIMEX celebrates and innovates

RIMEX has been in business for 40 years – and each year represents success and growth. Since its inception in the 1970s, RIMEX has evolved into a global leader in wheels and rims for mining and other major off -road industries. Plus, in the last 15 years, it has come to dominate tyre pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) with its best of class TyreSense technology. TyreSense wheel sensors endure the uncompromising conditions inside mining and industrial truck tyres to deliver precise, accurate data that protects and preserves your wheels.

But RIMEX’s TyreSense system aims at more than just tyre monitoring; it optimises the data it generates to provide clients with an overall asset and fleet management system that’s “second to none”. And the launch of TyreSense 4.0 later this year will propel TyreSense even further ahead in its field, with improvements such as: New TyreSense Display:

  • Full colour touchscreen for enhanced visibility and ease of use;
  • Rugged construction to withstand all environmental conditions;
  • Low profile housing to reduce cab clutter.

New TyreSense Client Software:

  • Access to the application from any device running a web browser with a network connection;
  • Comprehensive asset management that tracks tyres and wheels, along with automated sensor data reporting for lifetime performance information;
  •  Data correlation that provides equipment performance metrics across entire fleets;
  • Enhanced user interface that delivers vital equipment information at a glance, with additional details available at the click of a mouse;
  • Updated event system that identifies and relays critical equipment events to operators and dispatchers, with progress tracking from creation to resolution;
  • Real-time equipment location monitoring with support for geofencing and haul cycle tracking;
  • Configuration of entire groups of vehicles, including alert trigger levels and general system settings, with a full audit trail; and
  • Advanced application security and fi ne-grained access controls for maximum fl exibility in providing access to equipment configuration and data.

Though many features come standard with every TyreSense TPMS, RIMEX also offers a range of optional system components that allows clients to customise their tyre monitoring strategy. Advanced features include:

  • Internal mount sensor design;
  • Cold inflation tracking;
  • Connectivity options including Bluetooth, Ethernet, cellular and serial ports;
  • GPS tracking; and • Fleet management integration.

The entire TyreSense system is supported by 24/7 client support, guaranteeing questions and concerns are always addressed. It’s been quite a journey for RIMEX, and milestone 40 is now in its rear view mirror. Looking ahead, the road is wide open for more exploration, innovation and achievement as the RIMEX success story roars into the future.