Just like many other industries, the mining industry is currently in the midst of technological transformation.

For Rio-Carb, aligning its focus on new technologies in order to efficiently manage mine wear resistance is critical in order to remain relevant and ensure future operational success, says director Sias Suurd.

This article first appeared in Mining Review Africa Issue 3 2018


Rio-Carb manufactures wear-resistant Chromium Carbide (CrC) clad liner plates for heavy materials-handling applications in the mining and allied resources industries.

“Many mines still make use of traditional products and services – that do not always increase efficiency to maximum capacity,” notes Suurd.

He adds that as a result many mines continue to face increased shut down periods for  maintenance and loss in production because of breakdowns.

AUTHOR: Sascha-Lee Solomons, content editor at Mining Review Africa

A one-stop shop

In order to remain abreast of technological solutions on the market Rio-Carb has established itself as a one-stop shop for complete wear solutions.

In addition, it supplies a range of wear materials.

Suurd notes that the company conducts surveys at mines and determines the best wear solution to maximise efficiency and reduce costs.

“We want to be the first people on the phone list when any operation experiences a wear-related problem. We also offer an investigative service whereby we can identify specific wear problems and provide appropriate recommendations,” highlights Suurd.

This broader outlook has seen Rio-Carb expand to Namibia, Zambia and Madagascar.

“We recently appointed a representative in Botswana and will be looking to expand to Lesotho, Zimbabwe and Mozambique soon.”

Mining solutions

The company’s aim is to expand its product range in order to be able to cater for a total spectrum of wear solutions in the mining industry, from bulk materials handling to earth-moving equipment.

“There are some applications where Chromium Carbide on its own may not be the most cost-effective answer. Our aim is to be flexible in order to be able to offer complete solutions.”


Rio-Carb innovations include their latest product the modular chutes.

This is the design of hybrid liner packages for haul trucks, upgraded liner packaging and an entry into ceramics.

Rio-Carb will offer its modular chute design service for the processing-plant market in particular.

“We have started to look at various materials and have expanded to supply ceramics as part of our product range,” notes Suurd.

“We are focusing our sales strategy to design A-to-Z wear solutions for operations – for example, right from where the ground-breaking is taking place, to where the final product is loaded. However, Rio-Carb will still focus on its signature Chromium Carbide material.”

Rio-Carb is also looking at expanding the use of Chromium Carbide into other areas.

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