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Triton Minerals unwrapping graphite gold

ASX-listed graphite explorer and mine developer Triton Minerals has uncovered what could be one of the world’s richest graphite deposits – in Mozambique. In light of expectations that the global demand for graphite will escalate substantially over the next few years, the company is continuing to explore and prove up its resource in fast forward motion, MD Brad Boyle tells Laura Cornish.

While China remains one of the largest graphite consumers in the world, its ability to feed its own production requirements is declining rapidly as almost 30% of its operating graphite mines have been closed owing to serious environmental concerns. And more are set to close in the near future. “As the resultant supply shortfall increases, the global graphite market will grow,” exponentially over the next five to 10 years, Boyle believes. “So it is quite literally a race to production for graphite explorers and developers – not only because China will start seeking to import the mineral but also because its use in commercial technology products is increasing.”

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