Since inception, professional services provider WorleyParsons has been committed to establishing operations close to its customers’ assets. Using knowledge gained from each site, WorleyParsons is able to refine conceptual, design and project execution strategies to help its customers meet the world’s changing resources and energy needs.Through the establishment of Centres of Excellence in capabilities across the globe, WorleyParsons has centralised its specialised expertise in industry specific locations in order to accomplish customer objectives of improving business efficiencies, enhancing tools and capabilities, and achieving performance targets.

With a collective experience of over 120 years in deep level mining and process expertise, South Africa is regarded as one of the world’s best mining environments. Having managed more deep level shaft projects in the world than any other company, it stands to reason that WorleyParsons’ South African operations was established as the global project delivery company’s Mining Centre of Excellence.

Combining world-leading concept-to completion expertise with design and major project delivery capabilities for the minerals and metals sector, from bulk commodities to rare earths, WorleyParsons offers its customers complete mini market solutions from inception to rehabilitation. The company specialises in new project developments and existing facility upgrades or expansions, across the whole range of commodities.

“From strategy to operations we realise value through our extensive local experience and integrated solutions,” says Denver Dreyer, CEO of WorleyParsons RSA. “Our experts have a thorough understanding of the total mining business value chain including exploration for and evaluation of mineral resources, mine planning, permitting and approvals management, mine and mining project development, materials handling and mineral processing, existing facility upgrades, expansions or decommissioning across a whole range of commodities.

“We take a multidisciplinary approach, with teams comprised of experts from across the mining and mineral processing, pyrometallurgy or light metals project lifecycle, to identify challenges early and produce tailored strategies that mitigate risks. We understand the outcomes that our customers want to achieve by using our services and position our value chains accordingly,” says Dreyer.

“We are also in a unique position to be able to offer front-end technical specialist consulting and high-end advisory consulting through Advisian, a WorleyParsons global business that provides management and strategic advisory services coupled with technical consulting and deep domain expertise to address our customers’ business and asset challenges.”

WorleyParsons’ service offering across the mining value chain:

  • Exploration and evaluation: Mineral exploration is essential for the identification of value-creating mining projects and to maintain or expand a producer’s resource base. WorleyParsons is experienced in gathering, analysing and interpreting geological data from various ore bodies, including both greenfield and brownfield sites.
  • Mine planning: Determining the most appropriate mining method for a deposit is key to extracting maximum value. Utilising the latest mine planning and simulation software, WorleyParsons can identify ideal production profiles, mine work plans and development schedules to optimise project economics and help customers make the best investment decisions.
  • Mining and mine development: WorleyParsons’ expertise in mining and mine development ranges from the initial phases of conceptual determination of mineable potential within a geological resource through all of the study phases to the development, design and construction of mining infrastructure as well as the operation, optimisation and troubleshooting of existing operations.
  • Materials handling: WorleyParsons helps its customers achieve an optimised materials handling process, from mine to market by implementing innovative value-add solutions that drive productivity and efficiency.
  •  Minerals processing: WorleyParsons has extensive experience across all facets of the mineral processing sector covering commodities such as base metals, precious metals, iron ore, rare earths, phosphates, alumina and mineral sands.
  • Tailings and waste management: WorleyParsons has geotechnical expertise with significant tailing storage facilities (TSFs) design and management experience from a variety of mineral processing applications; for example, alumina residue, base metals (copper, lead, zinc and sulphide nickel), coal, iron ore, magnetite, manganese, laterite nickel, oil sands, precious metals (gold and PMGs), rare earths and vanadium.
  • Hydrometallurgy: Expertise in hydrometallurgy ranges from the initial phases of conceptual flowsheet development, testing, design and construction, to complex plant commissioning, operation, optimisation and troubleshooting.
  • Pyrometallurgy: For over 20 years, WorleyParsons’ specialists have designed and delivered many of the world’s most complex pyrometallurgy facilities, with particular expertise in pyrometallurgical processes such as calcining, roasting, smelting, refining, gas cleaning and acid plants.
  • Transport to market: WorleyParsons’ integrated capabilities (road, rail, shipping, barging, intermodal transport and slurry pipelines) enable us to consider all appropriate means of transportation to implement the best solution for customers’ unique challenges.
  • Environment and approvals: Through its unique EcoNomics™ initiative, WorleyParsons ensures sustainability issues are identified and delivered right throughout all project phases in a cost-effective manner.
  • Non-process infrastructure: WorleyParsons understands the unique logistical challenges that are present in remote and isolated mining projects and is able to efficiently deliver tailored solutions to meet its customers’ non-process infrastructure needs.