Zambia’s mining industry is experiencing phenomenal growth – in the copper sector primarily where annual production in 2015 is expected to be greater than the volumes achieved in the 1970s’ heydays. Infrastructure to accommodate this boom of new and expanding mines is severely lacking, however, and is the driving force behind Zamm Imports, a company dedicated to providing quality aggregate material to fill the country’s infrastructure gap. Laura Cornish reports from Zambia.

Zambia born and bred Jignesh Soni, founder and CEO of Zamm Imports is no stranger to the infrastructure challenges Zambia has more recently been facing. Having cut his business teeth in the local construction sector, he quickly realised the shortage of aggregate material in the country.

“Zamm Imports’ foundation is built on this escalating scenario,” he says. Today, the company is a thriving aggregates manufacturer and local supplier, with two large-scale facilities in operation and a third and possible fourth in the pipeline. Expansion plans of this nature are a true indicator that Soni is providing a service Zambia is in desperate need of. “We are also the only company in the Copperbelt that delivers aggregate material to our customers, and this is giving us a competitive edge.”

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