About Mining Elites in Africa 2022

The 2022 edition of Mining Elites in Africa will continue the theme and focus of the previous edition – looking to shine a spotlight on those companies, projects and individuals making a sustainable difference to the mining industry in Africa. On the back of a very successful relaunch in 2021, this year’s edition is set to be even greater as the publication officially launches in the digital sphere with Africa Mining Forum.

Leadership Profiles

These are industry influencers who are innovative in their leadership approaches and strategies to improve the greater mining and minerals value chains on a regional level. These leaders are contributing to the progress of mining, or are taking the role of facilitator in advancing the industry through their contributions to legislation in any country in Africa. They are a reflection of responsible corporate citizens and may be the contributing factor to helping a mining operation secure finance.Through their position they are setting benchmarks in their fields. Nominated leaders can include executives and directors in management positions, mine and general managers, environmental and safety experts, women influencers (in the board room and at the coal face), project design and developers, engineers, technology and innovation drivers, OEM revolutionists, legislation and finance specialists.

2022 Project categories

  • Exploration    
  • Greenfields Project Developments    
  • Brownfields Project Expansions    
  • Stay-in Business Strategies    
  • Research and Academic Breakthroughs    
  • Health & Safety
  • Digitalisation and Automation Technologies

ESG categories

  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Water Management
  • Renewable Energy Design and Delivery
  • Building Sustainable Communities
  • Good Corporate Governance

in partnership with africa mining forum

Mining investment for junior companies is taking centre stage for new and existing mining developments in Africa. We have taken on the mission to not only connect Africa’s mining and investment community 365 days a year, but also to contribute to the capitalisation and overall development of mining on the African continent.

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