Mining Elites One-on-One: Vuslat Bayoglu, Menar

Chantelle Kotze, Senior Deputy Editor of Mining Review Africa interviews Vuslat Bayoglu, Managing Director, Menar. Read more content...

Deep Insights #28: Uncovering Angola’s true diamond potential

Investing in Central Africa’s gem - Angola: Unpacking regulatory changes to open up Angola’s diamond sector.

Mining Elites One-on-One: Andrew van Zyl, SRK Consulting

Our editor-in-chief Laura Cornish speaks to Andrew Van Zyl, Director and Principal Consultant of SRK Consulting.

Mining Elites one-on-one: Andrew Dinning, Samara Resources

Laura Cornish, Editor-in-Chief at Mining Review Africa, spoke to Andrew Dinning, Founder, Managing Director & CEO of Sarama Resources.

Deep Insights #27: Gold outlook 2021

Can gold continue its good run of form in 2021? We speak to Philip Newman, MD of Metals Focus to get his predictions for the precious metal.

Deep Insights #4: The role of potash in food security

This week, Deep Insights speaks to Niels Wage, CEO of potash development company Danakali, which is under way with the development of the Colluli potash project, located in the Danakil Depression region of Eritrea, where first potash production is targeted for 2022.

Deep Insights #26: State of the SA mining industry

In this episode Shirley Weber of ABSA discusses the state of the South African mining industry and the road to recovery post COVID-19.

Deep Insights #25 : Spotlight on Burkina Faso

In this episode, Liam Morrissey, Chief Executive Officer at MS Risk, a global security risk management consultancy that specialises in identifying, mitigating and reducing security risk discusses the conflict situation currently unfolding in Burkina Faso.

Deep Insights #24 : Modernisation in Mining Ep.5

In this episode of the Modernisation in Mining podcast series, Mining Review Africa Senior Deputy Editor Chantelle Kotze speaks to Minespider founder and CEO Nathan Williams about how blockchain is increasingly being used in the mining sector.

Deep Insights #23 : Modernisation in Mining Ep.4

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought to the fore the importance of digital technology in mining. Now, more than ever technology is playing a leading role in the future of mining. Listen to this exclusive podcast brought to you by Siemens Minerals Solutions.

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