Control without complexity

The new TOMRA ACT graphical user interface (UI) heralds a fundamental change in the way customers interact with their machines

Kumba Iron Ore retrenchments a slap in the face

“It is punish workers amid a pandemic and an excellent financial performance with increased turnover, profits and dividends declared."

Tyres will be 100% sustainable by 2050

Technology will make it possible to recycle polystyrene and recover carbon black or pyrolysis oil from used tyres.

Efficient motors and drives can combat climate change

“Industrial energy efficiency, more than any other challenge, has the single greatest capacity for combatting the climate emergency."
coal wifi

Free community Wi-Fi reaches 100 million mark

By providing free Wi-Fi, the company enable students to increase their knowledge through research and access to e-Learning platforms.

West coast miner installs SlurrySucker for pond dredging

“The pumping capacity of the dredging unit will ensure optimal operation of the dams which need to be kept at the required storage volumes."

Who are the new members of the World Gold Council?

"Each of them will bring a different area of expertise to our organization and I look forward to collaborating with them in 2021."

Cross border deals total $7.7 billion in Q4,2020

The combined value of the top five cross border deals stood at $6.11 billion, against the value of $7.7 billion recorded for the quarter.

WEG takes soft-starters to next level with SSW900 range

With its well-structured menu interface, the WEG SSW900 line gives users a new level of interactivity, including Bluetooth connectivity.

Orezone signs agreement to fund exploration at Bomboré

The agreement is for a silver streaming agreement with EURO Resources to sell future payable silver production from the Bomboré Gold Project.

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