Courtesy Acacia Mining

Acacia has informed the market that its North Mara mine EPO, requires payment of a fine of totaling 300,000,000 Tanzanian Shillings (US$130,000).
This is in relation to alleged breaches of environmental regulations in Tanzania.
The mine has not yet received any supporting reports, findings or testing data in relation to the matters set out in the Environmental Protection Order (EPO) and is currently assessing the technical basis of the alleged non-compliances.
Acacia also notes media reports in Tanzania that the Government of Tanzania (GoT) has issued a directive to the mine to construct a new Tailings Storage Facility (TSF) at North Mara.
Whilst North Mara has been verbally directed to construct a new TSF, the mine has not yet received any written notice or directive from the GoT. 
North Mara has already recognised the need for additional tailings management and storage capacity to meet its life of mine plans and, while the mine does not yet have detailed or fully costed plans or project schedules for the construction of a new facility, Acacia expects that a new TSF is likely to be an economically viable alternative to further expansions of the existing TSF at the Mine.
Acacia also notes the National Environment Management Council’s (NEMC) reported findings regarding discharges of a hazardous substance at the mine. 
Acacia is awaiting NEMC’s detailed reports, findings and testing data in relation to this allegation but are not aware of any such discharge. 
The mine believes that these reports relate to a longstanding seepage issue at the base of the TSF, which is already well known to NEMC and the GoT.

This seepage remains managed by pumps which return the water to the TSF and it is, therefore, contained on the mine site, does not flow into the surrounding environment or present a risk of contamination to any public water source.