North Mara Acacia Mining
Production has increased substantially at North Mara

Acacia Mining has acknowledged media reports that the Government of Tanzania has directed the North Mara mine to resolve a spillage of water.

The spillage resulted from a security incident in which sections of the pipe used to transport water from the polishing pond to the Tailing Storage Facility (TSF) were either vandalised or stolen.

The incident led to the switching off of the pump used to transport water to the TSF, and the water level in the polishing pond subsequently overflowed.

Following the mine’s remedial actions, the temporary over-spill from the pond has been stopped.

North Mara has welcomed the support of the government on resolving this issue, and is working closely with the authorities to implement improvements to security measures around the polishing pond in order to help prevent any reoccurrence.

Acacia further notes that the mine’s technical team is currently working with the government within an agreed time-frame to address their concerns regarding seepage from the TSF, as previously disclosed on 10 January 2019.

North Mara has undertaken to manage all seepage through the use of additional pumps and construction of other containment facilities to return any seepage to the TSF and ensure it is confined to the mine site.

All seepage will be contained on the site, not flow into the surrounding environment or present a risk of contamination to any public water source.

In January 2019, the government issued a directive to the Mine to construct a new TSF.

The mine has commenced planning and design for a new TSF, and is working with the government to progress the construction of a new TSF to support its future mine production plans.