AEL Mining Services, has rebranded to AEL Intelligent Blasting. This move is in line with the organisations renewed vision of embracing the technological revolution in the explosives and mining industry.

“Our new branding seeks to capitalise on our successful growth and expansion, and supports our strategy to position the Group as the most intelligent choice in the market when it comes to blasting services and products,” said Edwin Ludick, MD at AEL Mining Services.

“Innovation is key to ensuring continuing market relevance and customer satisfaction,” said Ludick.

“Our rebrand is aligned with our mission to keep our global operations on the frontier of technology through the delivery of ground-breaking innovations; to offer state-of-the-art technological solutions to our clients; and to operate sustainably, without harm to people, the environment and the communities in which we operate.”

To meet the changing needs and challenges of the mining industry, AEL operates on the ideal of partnering with their stakeholders and customers to bring into realisation the products and services they require to take the mining industry into the era of digitalisation and smart mining.

“By partnering with our customers on their unique journey, we are able to ensure efficient and sustainable blasting practices by focusing on optimal blast outcomes, optimising blasting processes and solving blasting problems,” said Ludick.

To this end, the holistic and flexible AEL intelliBlast™ value proposition enables the strategic combination of a comprehensive range of services and product offerings, tailored to proactively develop smart blasting solutions for optimal mining outcomes.

In addition, the exclusive contribution that AEL’s intelliBlast™ offers the market is a fundamental component in the business’ global expansion strategy.

AEL Mining Services’ market-leading technology is already being used in Australia, South America and various locations in the rest of Africa.

This in itself has various benefits to customers such as reductions in blasting delays and improved uniformity of fragmentation while ensuring uncompromised safety at all times.

“We are continuously evolving and developing and the rebrand supports this. All these efforts are underpinned by engaging with our customers to really understand their needs and to develop a solution central to those needs. Once we agree on the solution it’s a very good example of creating good chemistry and great energy,” concludes Ludick.