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Afriso SA: Water metres a cut above the rest

German based subsidiary of measurement equipment specialist ZENNER International GmbH & Co. KG, Afriso-Euro-Index and it South African branch Afriso SA has been delivering millions of water meters across the globe, including Africa to a variety of users, including large-scale industrial users such as the mining and minerals processing sectors.

ZENNER International GmbH & Co. KG, Afriso-Euro-Index have a rich history.

ZENNER was established in 1903 and started producing water metres in 1924.

Afriso-Euro-Index was founded in 1869 by Adalbert Fritz in Schmiedefeld, Thuringia, Germany.

This article first appeared in Mining Review Africa Issue 6 2018

Well over 100 years in age, the business was built on the invention of the capsule pressure gauge, and is still owned and managed by the Fritz family, with two brothers, Aldab and Jeurgen Fritz, the current directors of Afriso Europe.

As a single entity, both ZENNER and Afriso have sold millions of water metres across the globe and is recognised as a leader in this specific field.

“Having recognised the need for an Africa-focused branch, to meet the growing need for its product in Africa, a branch was opened in South Africa in 2005 to handle the increasing demand, which further included Afriso’s wider range of products including specialist pressure, temperature and level instruments and environmental monitors such leak detectors and flue-gas analysers – with a view to creating an African service hub,” says Afriso SA MD Eddie Singer.

“Our delivery on the African continent has been a huge success which we believe can be grown further as water becomes an increasingly scarce resource,” he continues.

Looking at the ZENNER Group as whole, the company averages approximately four million water meters, heat meters and gas meters across the globe.

“Our focus is on developing innovative products, optimally tailored to the requirements of our customers, worldwide,” the company’s philosophy states.

“And thanks to the interplay between the high quality of our measuring equipment and the experience gained from over 100 years of development and production, ZENNER has developed into a global player, ranking among the leading players.”

Singer reveals that the company’s entire product line is modular in construction and easily extendable, with the appropriate accessories and the most up to date systems technology – all developed following continuous engagement with its customers and partners to ensure the delivery of products that cater to their specific requirements.

Understanding the arduous nature of heavy industry

Afriso understands that reliability, precision and a long service life are crucial when it comes to highly automated processes – which are common in all heavy-duty industries.

Its robust measuring devices deliver perfect measurement results and reliably monitor and control simple to highly complex processes – even under the most adverse conditions.

Certificates, for example, for explosion protection and resistance to media and temperatures attest to this.

In essence, Afriso products:

  • Met a wide variety of process connections;
  • Meet a large selection of materials;
  • Are company in design;
  • Are hygienic and easy to clean;
  • Are suitable for CIP and SIP FDA-listed materials;
  • Are silicone-free if required;
  • Are resistant to corrosive and abrasive media;
  • Offer high overload safety; and
  • Are resistant to vibration and temperature

Growing the South African operations

Afriso SA is considering two expansion plans to further grow its business.

Singer says the company is looking to manufacture pressure gauges in South Africa, which will allow us to better service the growing African market for gauges for hospital cylinders and cylinder manifolds, along with hundreds of other applications.

To service the increasing demand for calibration services for gauges and for the flue gas analysers and leak detectors, Afriso is setting up a local calibration laboratory at its Boksburg premises.

“Instruments typically need to be recalibrated every 12 months, but we currently have to send the gauges to Germany for this to be done.

“By establishing a local calibration laboratory, we will be able to cut down the delivery time on calibrations, making it much easier for users to access the service.”

The laboratory will also service the environmental side of Afriso’s business.

“There is an accelerating need for gas analysers to enable users to comply with environmental legislation and to meet national and international emissions commitments.

“Nobody can calibrate these in South Africa right now and we hope, with a new laboratory up and running, far more people will start using flue-gas analysers to improve their environmental performance,” Singer concludes.

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