Axis House

Well over 50 years of combined experience in downhole instrumentation would suggest the team at Axis Mining Technology knows a thing or two about the mining and drilling industries.

Built on a desire to lead the industry as an innovator in driller operated gyro technology, Axis’ high end north-seeking Champ Gyro and next generation Champ Navigator are being hailed as ‘essential’ by a growing number of global mining and drilling companies who are embracing this game-changing technology and reaping the benefits.

As innovators in the self-referencing north-seeking gyro surveying technology game, Axis’ proprietary Champ Gyro and Champ Navigator contain unique intellectual property which affords ‘unparalleled performance’ as well as application flexibility.

The Champ Gyro and its rugged simplicity has been a game changer and has meant drillers can now confidently and with limited on-site training conduct accurate gyroscopic surveys on the overshot, as core as retrieved.

Costs are reduced and there is an immediate increase in drilling efficiency. A win, win for everyone.

Axis Mining Technology’s range of products and software has continued to advance with the next generation Champ Navigator, which contains Axis’ powerful and proprietary onPoint Adaptive Roll Technology.  

Like the Champ Gyro, the Champ Navigator is field proven to be run on the overshot, with onPoint supporting ultra high-speed, non-stop gyro surveying both on cable and when pumped in for underground applications whilst delivering exceptional quality control.

The Champ Navigator’s rig alignment function is greatly enhanced through onPoint’s tolerance of tool roll and azimuth change. The next generation Champ Navigator is a truly multi-functional Gyro system, which delivers.

At its heart, Axis is a company committed to a solid set of values – first and foremost good old fashioned customer service.

Shane Munyard, general manager at Axis says:

“Our clients get to know and trust our people from their first enquiry. We continue to work with them throughout the process of first identifying their needs and arranging site visits, to training their team and providing ongoing support for the duration of the project.  

“We are only a phone call or email away from our clients at any given time, in any location around the world, so people trust in the process and who they are dealing with. Our clients experience very little waiting around times and as we all know on a drilling or mining site down-time is money.”

Africa continues to be a continent of tremendous focus and investment for Axis as the industry continues to expand and the demand for Champ Gyro technology continues to increase.  

Axis’s distribution partner, Digital Surveying has been supporting rental products in Africa for almost 15 years and with bases in South Africa, Botswana and Ghana they deliver vital on-the-ground support across the African continent.

Axis and Digital Surveying’s client list stretches across most major mining and drilling companies today which is testament to Axis’s technology and Digital Surveying’s exceptional customer service.