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Another notch up in global ranking for Wits

The global standing of the School of Mining Engineering at Wits University has been boosted by another step up in the QS World University Rankings – to 13th place in 2019.

Last year, the school had also moved upward in these rankings, reaching the number 15 spot from its 22nd place in 2017.

The latest achievement allows it to retain its position as the highest ranked school at Wits University; it is also the only mining school on the African continent to feature in the top 50 mining schools worldwide.

“This QS ranking means that as a school we provide an internationally competitive mining engineering curriculum,” says Professor Cuthbert Musingwini, Head of School.

“This is based on the work of our high-quality academics who produce impactful research, and our graduates who enter their careers with skills relevant to the mines of the future.”

The QS World University Rankings use six performance indicators with different weighting to assess universities.

The most important indicators are academic reputation, student-to-faculty ratio and research citations per faculty member – followed by employer reputation, proportion of international faculty, and proportion of international students.

The Wits School of Mining Engineering is located at Wits University, a leading research-intensive university in Africa.

The School is recognised as one of the world’s top mining engineering schools, with one of the most expansive programmes that includes:

  • researching deep level mining techniques
  • developing new methods to ensure the safety and well-being of miners
  • researching new technologies in mechanised mining systems and working to ensure the sustainability, and
  • the future of the mining industry so that it is beneficial for all.

The School also has one of the highest growth rates of any of the engineering schools or departments at Wits, having seen a consistent increase in students to its courses. In 2016 it marked a 120 years of excellence in service to mining.