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Juwi integrates hybrid renewable energy solutions into a mine

Juwi has focused on resolving the integration challenge with their SCADA system which seamlessly integrates the control systems from thermal, renewable and plant control.

In addition it gives the client good visibility of the functionality of every aspect from one central point.

Mines operate 24/7 and the integration of power supply between various power sources and a mine is a significant factor in the implementation of hybrid renewable energy solutions.

The SCADA system

“What we call the hybrid controller is at the heart of the operation and building a controller that works seamlessly to bring all three aspects of the hybrid system together is paramount,” explains David Manning, global head of Hybrid at Juwi.

“We put substantial engineering into developing the system, ensuring that the process works seamlessly and there is zero interruption to supply.

“The system balances out renewable energy, thermal energy and continuous supply. Maintaining power factor, stability and supply is what it’s all about. It’s what Juwi excels at.

“In a typical mine site, the mine site operator likes a lot of visibility as to what’s going on with their energy supply.

In a lot of cases power supply makes up 30-40% of the cost of operations in a mining operation.

“It’s very much at the forefront of what mining operators want to see. Juwi has developed a very good SCADA system and it gives our client visibility of what’s happening with their control systems so they can see the amount of PV penetration and the amount of wind penetration, they can see their fuel costs, they can see their reliability.

“What we find is once we open up our system to our client and give them good visibility, it gives them comfort and security in knowing they have a reliable supply. It also allows them to track their costs and manage their cost base and see where they’re at.

SCADA seamlessly integrates the control systems from thermal, renewable and plant control.

“What Juwi does is bring all that together into one SCADA system that controls everything and gives us seamless integration into all aspects of the operation,” he adds.

Key considerations for integration 

“When we look at integrating hybrids at a mine site, we look at first and foremost the operation of the mine. What are the resources and what is there,” comments Amiram Roth-Deblon, head of global business initiatives.

“One of the key factors to integration is consideration of the mine site loads, such as the Ball and Sag mills, in underground mine sites, the vent fan configuration and in some cases, the camp loads,” explains Manning.

“We need to understand the entire processing plant operation, so that when we set up our permissive starts and stops and the interaction between the power station and process plant operation, we ensure we give priority to critical aspects of the mine site operation.

“The depth of understanding we need here is very different from a normal renewable energy project. It’s about the hybrid controls, integrating all the renewable and thermal power generators and understanding the mines, their energy needs and operations,” adds Roth-Deblon.