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Magic mixing expertise and innovation from Mixtec

Mixtec continues to position itself as a frontrunner in its field of expertise. This is thanks to in-house mixer design, ongoing research and development and the delivery of world-class components and products according to sales and project manager, Rudi Swanepoel.

Although a global entity with offices located across the world, Mixtec’s foundations and core expertise remains in South Africa where the company was first established.

“Mixtec South Africa is the epi-centre or mother hub for delivering pioneering impellor technology and engineering capabilities for the manufacture of agitator drives.

“Our firm commitment to investing continuously in research and development also ensures that our products are constantly being evaluated for improvements that will enhance our end customer’s efficiency and reduce their operational costs.”

This article first appeared in Mining Review Africa, Edition 4 2018


The company is driven by customer needs and satisfaction and in so doing it focuses on specific process considerations for individual applications to provide custom designs.

AUTHOR: Sascha-Lee Solomons, content editor at Mining Review Africa

Mechanical component integrity and drive system integrity are also Mixtec product key strengths which ultimately contributes to the best mixing solution.

“We are customer focused and go out of our way for our clients.

“This forms the foundation and philosophy upon which the company is built and operates today.

“Our service also extends beyond the initial sale and caters to ensuring optimal performance throughout the lifecycle of our products,” Swanepoel highlights.

Every Mixtec office has its own research and development department as well as design, engineering and commissioning personnel who are trained to apply the latest fluid mixing technology for every application and installation.

The different specialities of each Mixtec office allows it to quickly tap into a wealth of design experience and expertise, expanding its overall knowledge base and enabling it to confidently satisfy its customers’ needs no matter where they are located.

Mixtec believes its leading position within the sector can be attributed not only to its service but also to its technology.

The company offers an agitator that operates at optimal speed but with significantly reduced installed power requirements – thanks to a “unique” blade design.

“In addition to energy cost savings, these agitators require smaller motors and shafts which further extends monetary savings for our customers.

Discussing the company’s entire agitator portfolio, Swanepoel notes that they are designed and manufactured to be robust for maximum longevity.”

As further proof of this commitment, the company remains closely aligned with multiple commercial gearbox manufacturers and other components suppliers to maintain superior product quality.

The company also boasts vast industry experience – well above 40 years amongst the design department alone.

Coupled with this, company founder Timothy Clamp remains closely involved with the company and specifically the research and development department.

He has been in the agitator business over decades having worked at UK-based Kestner Industries which was established in 1930.

Kestner Industries was the original home of the current Mixertech-UK.

And while the South African business remains the “mother hub” – it does offer the added advantage of globally positioned resources through six fabrication facilities around the world.

Research and development prioritised

Mixtec’s on-site laboratory, fluid handling facilities and experienced research engineers allows the company to find the optimum design for customers’ specific needs.

“We can guide mines on how to optimally select equipment thanks to our experienced application engineers.

“We can determine the optimum tank design, the most economical vessel shape as well as determine the necessary special arrangements such as anti-vortex baffles, risers, dip tubes, mounting structures, nozzle orientations, etc.,” he illustrates.

“We use extensive computational fluid dynamics to virtually assess mixer performance under a variety of conditions to aid the development of improved agitator design.

“Our in-depth knowledge of varying fluid behaviours and containing vessels along with our experience and dedicated team are perfectly positioned to maximise your process results,” Swanepoel notes.

 Custom designs

Mixtec understands that a mixer is simply a means of achieving a desired process result.

“But we make it our business to understand the large and complex number of elements that when combined will achieve the most efficient results.”

Swanepoel explains that every Mixtec mixer is custom designed to perfectly match the customer’s process, ensuring maximum reliability through extensive finite element analysis of high-stress components, such as impellers and couplings.

“We translate our research into real-world results with stringent fabrication methods.

“We use the latest international standards of inspection procedures and state-of-the-art machine tools for the supply of precision engineered equipment – from simple baseplate mounted units to sophisticated high-pressure reactor designs incorporating double mechanical or magnetic seals,” Swanepoel adds.

Moving forward, Mixtec will continue producing innovative technological solutions for its customers that is more cost effective as well as easy to use, install, replace and improve, Swanepoel concludes.

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