Magnis Resources

Magnis Resources has JDA with Dendrobium Automotive, Dendrobium Advanced Technologies and Charge CCCV to produce the next generation high performing batteries including semi-solid state batteries.

Under the agreement, a working group has been created to develop and produce the next generation high performance batteries using technology developed by C4V and Magnis Resources.

Areas of co-operation include battery packaging solutions, battery hybrid systems, battery management software, battery performance testing and battery development materials.
C4V’s Generation II and semi-solid state battery technologies are targeted for DAL.

C4V has been at the forefront of developing and acquiring technologies that are drop-in to existing supply chains as well as manufacturing footprints to improve performance and reduce cost to make them commercially viable.

“Dendrobium will be producing high performance vehicles and electric drivetrain solutions for third parties so today’s agreement is impressive and a great step forwards for us,” comments Dendrobium CEO Nigel Gordon-Stewart.

“We are blown away by the battery performance that Magnis and C4V can produce and we look forward to working together to produce high performing quality batteries setting the bar for future EVs and PHEVs,” adds Gordon-Stewart.

Magnis Resources chairman Frank Poullas notes that the announcement is exciting for Magnis Resources and testament to the company’s technology.

“To work with groups like Dendrobium, who have been developing their e-hypercar with Williams Advanced Engineering and who are at the cutting edge of EV performance engineering, is something that is thrilling for Magnis Resources, its partners and shareholders alike,” he explains.

“Fine-tuning molecules to bring system level advantage or vice-versa is the key strength of C4V’s technology platform,” comments C4V president Shailesh Upreti.

“Working directly with OEMs such as Dendrobium to resolve system level challenges while engineering molecules to deliver customised and cutting-edge lithium-ion battery cells is C4V’s core strategy.

“This agreement also demonstrates how electrochemists, scientists, engineers, mining and automotive experts need to work together as a team to develop next generation products for the rapidly evolving EV market.

“C4V is very excited to collaborate with one of the finest multidisciplinary team members through this agreement,” Upreti continues.