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24 November 2017

NUM members at Kangra coal mine go on strike 

The NUM members at Kangra coal mine demands a wage increase of R1 100 once-off for the year 2017 and 7,5% for 2018 and 8,5% for 2019.

"The purpose of the strike is to compel the company to comply with our demands with specific reference to the harmonising of housing allowance and wage increases," states NUM.

The highest paid employees at Kangra coal Mine are getting housing allowances of between R11 800 and 12 600 while the lowest paid employees are getting R4 050.

NUM is of the view that it is totally unacceptable and that this "apartheid" inequality gap must be closed.

"The Kangra coal mine continues to be arrogant and negotiating in bad faith. The NUM is determined to force this company to lend an ear to its wage demands," states NUM.

Feature image credit: Wikimedia

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