Schenck Process Africa is the only company in Africa that offers a complete screen media and vibrating screens solution, manufacturing both screens and screen panels in one factory.

As the first company do this, the company can take real total responsibility for the performance of its equipment, says MD WILLEM KEMPEN.

A division of the Schenck Process Group, Schenck Process Africa provides a complete range of products and systems in the fields of weighing, feeding, screening and automation. The premises are strategically located in Crown Industrial in the west of Johannesburg.

Total solutions provider

Vibrating screens and screen media are designed and manufactured in house. The screen panels can be installed on any other manufacturer’s screens.

The facilities include screen test beds, an exciter rebuild centre as well as electrical panel assembling facilities. The factory also has refurbishment capabilities – offering complete refurbishments of vibrating screens with the capability to refurbish vibrating screens other than Schenck Process machines.

“The company has the ability to manufacture screen media in rubber and polyurethane, in different sizes, thickness, aperture shapes and sizes as well as punch plate, wedge wire and woven wire insert panels,” says Kempen.

In addition, Schenck Process equipment offers many advantages for processing plants incorporating vibrating screens in their process. They can optimise the equipment’s performance by engineering a complete package.

“Adhering to the maintenance requirements of the screens is important in prolonging the lifespan of the machine as a complete package,” notes Kempen.

The biggest benefit for clients is having a single manufacturer of vibrating screens and screen media and dealing with just one company (total ownership) when it comes to technical matters regarding vibrating equipment.

Schenck Process also offers an after sales service. The company assists clients by optimising their screen processes with highly qualified technicians that are available to provide solutions and assistance on site. This includes advising clients on screen solutions for their specific application and providing refurbishments on site as well.

Working across industries

Kempen highlights that although mining and minerals processing is the biggest area of Schenck Processes business, the company also supplies train-loading equipment for minerals transportation including coal, iron ore, chrome, manganese and more.

The equipment weighs and loads each train wagon individually and automatically. The wagons are loaded to very close accuracies which means there are minimal errors during the weighing and loading process. This is crucial in avoiding potential derailments.

Schenck Process has the required mechanical, hydraulic and automation control systems for train loaders — which are all integrated. This makes the loading process efficient.

On average, it takes just two hours to load a train with up to 120 wagons. Schenck Process has seen a lot of success in this area and has built most of the automated train loaders across southern Africa.