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Redeployable solar tracker installed at Newmont’s Akyem operation in Ghana

Cambridge Energy Partners has announced that Newmont Mining, one of the world’s largest gold producers and sustainability leaders, has deployed its redeployable Nomad solar PV tracker to demonstrate lower-cost renewable electricity and to offset energy demand at its Akyem operation in Ghana.

Cambridge Energy Partners’ (CEP) Nomad is a prefabricated and redeployable solar generator with single-axis tracking technology.

Capable for use in a variety of applications, the tracker is designed to be quickly deployed in scalable 30 kW segments, suitable for both small and large-scale projects.

Energy generated by CEP’s Nomad is fully integrated into existing electrical networks to create a reliable and sustainable hybrid power system.

“We are thrilled that Newmont shares our vision and is demonstrating our technology at its Akyem operation in Ghana,” says Tom Miller, CEO of CEP.

“Our vision is to deliver lower-cost energy to all remote mining sites with our innovative prefabricated solar tracking technology. In addition, the mobility of our solar technology significantly mitigates the risks often associated with permanent solar installations.”

Dr. Elaine Dorward-King, Newmont’s Executive Vice President for Sustainability and External Relations, adds, “Renewable energy technologies such as the Nomad play an important role in Newmont’s long-term strategy to reduce carbon emissions while lowering our energy consumption and costs.”

CEP is a manufacturer of redeployable trackers for the remote industrial market.

Their Nomad tracker enables both fast installation and redeployment yet provides the same performance as traditional large-scale solar trackers.

The company is based in Cambridge, UK, with offices in Spain, South Africa and Canada.