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4 December 2017

Strike ends at Kangra Coal, wage agreement signed

The National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) has signed a three year wage agreement with Kangra coal mine.

This follows a strike by Kangra Coal NUM members in the last week of November.

The parties agreed to the following wage increases:

2017:   R600
2018:   7%
2019:   7%

Housing allowance:

2017:    R1000
2018:    12%
2019:    14%

"The employer said the harmonisation of the housing allowance will be achieved in the next round of wage negotiations. The strike has come to end. The NUM members are back to work," said Peter Bailey, NUM Chief Negotiator in the coal sector.

The NUM wishes to express its sincere gratitude to its members at Kangra Coal mine for the manner in which they behaved during the strike until they gave the mandate to sign this wage agreement.

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