exxaro coal
Feature image credit: Wikimedia

Intra Energy has announced that Tancoal Energy recorded sales of 46,269 tons for April 2018, up 3% on the previous month, compared with 37,302 tons in April 2017.

Year to date sales are 431,619 tons compared with 334,529 tons in the prior corresponding year.

Sales increased despite wet weather and unavailability of trucks for customers to collect the coal so cash remains tight but has improved with sales for the last month being over 45,000 tons per month.

The focus continues to be on regional and export markets to countries with better growth rates than Tanzania.

Production in April 2018 was hampered by wet weather but sufficient stocks of coal were maintained to meet customer demand. 39,671 tons were produced compared to 33,934 tons mined in April 2017.

A stockpile of 50,000 tons and an additional 11,000 tons of fully exposed coal were available at the end of the month.

Year to date production is 474,433 tons compared with 341,648 tons for the same period in the prior year.

The crushing plant continued to perform well.

“It is pleasing to see production maintained through very wet periods and full credit must be given to our Tanzanian team,” says Intra Energy chairman, Graeme Robertson.

“In terms of changes to the Mining Regulations in Tanzania, we believe that Tancoal complies with all new regulations and we do not believe these will detrimentally affect our Tanzanian operations.”