Silhouette of hands reaching out to help each other

Ubank and the Mineworkers Investment Company (MIC) have partnered to contribute R2 million towards South Africa’s Covid-19 relief efforts.

“R1 Million will be our contribution towards the Solidarity Fund and R1 million will be dedicated to support current and former mineworkers and their families negatively impacted by current circumstances,” said Ubank chair, Keshan Pillay.

“MIC recognises the hardship the disease will bring to our beneficiary base, and as an organisation with deep roots in the mining sector. Through the Mineworkers Development Agency, we will ensure that the collective contribution is effectively administered to ensure that we do our part to relieve food shortages for mineworkers, their families and surrounding communities said MIC CEO Mary Bomela.

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Relief for those in need

The million rand dedicated to support the current and former mineworkers and their families will be in a form of food parcels. Ubank will work with its partners, the MIC and NUM to ensure that these funds are stretched to support as many families as possible. 

The contribution will benefit the needy families from areas where the mineworkers reside or come from as well as the poorest families from the labour-intensive areas. 

“Food parcels are the most effective route as this will help reduce unnecessary movement of our people and as such it will help mineworkers and their communities to abide by the lockdown protocols,” concluded, Pillay.