The need for a more modern and sustainable mining industry cannot be over emphasised at present owing to the versatility and resilience of the industry globally.

As a result, Umzamo Analytical Services (UAS) remains committed to offering affordable and uncompromised quality service to the dynamic and rapidly growing coal mining sector, CEO AUDREY NDLOVU tells SASCHA SOLOMONS.

“UAS’s skills extend beyond coal analysis, testing and sampling – we also provide training, plant efficiency testing and management of coal testing laboratories,” states Ndlovu.

This article first appeared in Mining Review Africa Issue 1, 2019

Staying ahead with its services and contributing to sustainable and modern mining, UAS is providing coal testing and analysis of the highest quality to the energy and environmental industries around the world. It combines cutting-edge innovation with experience to serve all major coal-producing areas.

Ndlovu explains that a sustainable and modern mining industry requires effective solutions to ever increasing, and at times, conflicting expectations emanating from a diverse range of stakeholders encompassing the industry. “It will grant the younger generation a platform to build their careers and thereby reduce unemployment in the country and region at large,” she adds.

Outlook in 2019

In supporting the establishment of a modern, digitally driven mining industry UAS plans to implement a number of changes within its business in 2019, which include research and development of new methods and technologies that will improve the efficiency of laboratory operations without affecting quality of service. 

The company also plans to offer consultation services and stakeholder training in the coal and minerals processing industry as well as provide supporting initiatives from the government, communities and other stakeholders.

Further plans for UAS include expanding its accreditation scope to include key methods in minerals processing analysis. Pollutants emitted in the mining industry can have adverse effects on the environment and people. As such, UAS is looking to establish systems to manage this challenge – through the introduction of effective dust suppression systems that will curtail pollution for example.

“If purpose is not known abuse is certain and so we will engage in educational, career development programmes in local communities to educate our youths so that they can live purpose driven lives which will desist them from abusing their potential,” she highlights.

The company will also practice conservation of electricity through the usage of solar energy at its operations.

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