Aqua Plastech aims to tackle inefficient water loss and preserve the environment through its product offering.

The world is thirsty and water scarcity has become more of a reality for people across the globe.

Global warming places a threat for increased loss of water through evaporation, drought and natural disaster, ultimately putting water, food and energy production at risk.

With climate change disrupting the cycle; all individuals and industries, specifically the agricultural, energy, mining and infrastructure industries will need to implement saving solutions and sustainable practise to improve the management of their supply networks.

Director of Aqua Plastech, Andre Fourie, recognised the immense loss experienced in leaking dams. After research, trying multiple products and spending a fortune on repairs, he quickly realised how much loss and environmental damage a leaking dam or pond can cause.

“It was through my own experience that I realised there has to be a better way to seal leaks and cracks. After losing a fair amount of water and attempting to repair a leak with various products, I found the whole process to be costly, inefficient, time consuming and harmful to the eco-system.” says Fourie.

Water loss in earth dams and ponds is mainly caused by cracks and leaks that traditionally require expensive repairs and full drainage. Aqua Plastech was developed to bring cost effective, time-saving, eco-friendly and preserving alternatives to dam and pond maintenance.

Aqua Plastech offers high-tech sealant innovations that are set to change the way cracks and leaks are resolved:

The one is a high-tech polymer, Aqua Plastech Dam & Pond Sealer. It is a bio friendly solution that encourages use efficiency by simply applying it to the surface of the water.

The solution reacts instantly, expanding and sinking into cracks and leaks, requiring little waiting time with no extra loss of precious water and no wasteful dumping of existing water.

Aqua Plastech UberSeal is a water-based general purpose clear waterproofing compound designed for use on a wide variety of substrates.

UberSeal is especially suited to sealing and protecting porous vertical masonry surfaces, such as split faced or decorative concrete blocks.

UberSeal is particularly effective against wind driven rain and unlike ‘repellent’ style sealers, it is able to withstand hydrostatic pressures caused by significant weather events.

Water saving innovation has come a long way, with severe drought having contributed to more conscious awareness across South Africa, with larger organisations going digital and adopting smart technologies for their management networks.

“With digital transformation at the forefront of agriculture, energy, and mining sectors; and more innovators producing savvy saving devices, we are excited to bring our unique product offering to the mix.”

“I am excited about the possibilities of what these products can add to innovation for individuals, farmers, as well as the mining and energy sectors; specifically; in developing countries where the resource is scarce and supply infrastructures cannot afford to lose valuable fresh water, as this will ultimately have social and economic impact on communities and businesses,” concludes Fourie.