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Dust-A-Side pioneering the dust management market in Morocco

Dust-A-Side and Colas Morocco (Colas Du Maroc) have collaborated in the formation of a new enterprise – Dust-A-Side Maroc.

Dust-A-Side Maroc is a company that was founded on 26 May 2015. It is a joint venture between Dust-A-Side and Colas’ road works branch in Morocco called Grands Travaux Routiers (GTR). This is a 50/50 partnership.

Dust-A-Side Maroc will be situated in the city of Casablanca, the economical capital of the country and industrial hub of Northern Africa. Morocco is the biggest reserve of phosphate in the world.

Container loaded with equipment on its way to Morocco
Container loaded with equipment on its way to Morocco

Dust-A-Side Maroc will perform dust suppression services for the Sidi Chennane mine, treating 200 000 square metres of primary haul roads with the bituminous based Dust-A-Side product. This is a two year development, implementation and maintenance trial where the results and benefits of the Dust-A-Side Product will be monitored and evaluated.  The project is set to begin in July/August 2015.

Our short-term strategy for Morocco is to make Sidi Chennane the flagship mine for Dust-A-Side in Morocco. Here we will showcase our work and product benefits. The OCP is currently running seven mines in three Moroccan regions with a potential of 7 million square metres of roads.

Our affiliation with the Sidi Chennane mine and OCP will help boost our reputation in Morocco allowing us to forge new relationships within the region and its neighbouring countries like Mauritania.  We plan on nurturing a healthy relationship with OCP in order to maximise the 7 million square metres of roads.

Ian Mignot – appointed for heading the Dust-A-Side Maroc operations

The team who will be involved in Moroccan operations: Ian Mignot (Operations Manager), will be heading the project and will be working together with Moroccan local specialised workers belonging to GTR.

Dust-A-Side Maroc and GTR have come to a labour secondment agreement in order to assist Dust-A-Side Maroc in having skilled local labourers. We wish Ian and his team all the best with the new project in Morocco.

Home page photo shows: Jacques Leost (Managing director international division, Colas) and George Basson (Chairman, Dust-A-Side) 

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