Feature image source: Wikimedia

The National Union of Mineworkers is threatening a full “shut down” of electricity supply at Eskom in retaliation to the Eskom negotiating team who has rejected its demands and if offering a 0% increase for its workers.

“We view this approach by the Eskom negotiating team as a wasteful and fruitless exercise. They had the audacity to call a special and highly armed force to intimidate the NUM negotiating team,” said the National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) in a press statement.

NUM members are consequently calling for a national shutdown of electricity supply. “It is a painful decision that the brutal Eskom negotiating team pushed our members to take. We will be communicating a programme of action which will run at the national, provincial and branch levels.”

This cruel approach to the negotiations is a spit in the hard-working employees’ faces, it was not long ago when the country was facing load shedding and the call was made that all hands on deck to try and rescue the situation.

“That call was answered by the workers with full commitment, and the results were astounding no load shedding ever took place in this country again. Our members are saying a 0% increase equal to 0% megawatts.”

The NUM is urging all hospitals and other national strategic areas to prepare themselves by using backup generators to minimise the damage from the coming total blackout.

The union also states that its call to only employ internally was never heeded to when Phakamani Hadebe was employed as CEO. The NUM calls for his immediate resignation.