United front needed to get more jabs in arms

There are still questions been asked about government’s ability to stave off the COVID-19 pandemic.
South Africa coronavirus covid-19

Jabs in arms is what matters

The Minerals Council aims to vaccinate 60 000 to 80 000 people per day.
Ted Blom op ed on Eskom tariffs

Op-ed: Ted Blom on where Eskom tariffs are heading

"The term ‘cost-reflective’ has since been bandied each time Eskom demands an increase, but Eskom has never set a cap on where this number would be."

Change what you can, learn to live with what you can’t

Perhaps the prolonged COVID-19 lockdown is a blessing in disguise for the mining industry.
young leaders

Change starts with you(th)

I have spent the past few days in awe reading about the talented South African’s that have made it onto the Mail & Guardian 200 Young South African’s list for 2020.
South Africa coronavirus covid-19

South Africa: COVID-19 Guidelines and Code of Practice unpacked

Guidelines for a Mandatory Code of Practice on the Mitigation and Management of COVID-19 have been released. Employers have until 25 May to implement it.

Uranium: The comeback kid

While most commodities have been battered amidst the Coronavirus pandemic, uranium is heating up, and is experiencing a price spike on the back of tightening supply owing to a slowdown in global uranium supply.

Rough diamond prices affected by COVID-19 crisis

Much of the diamond supply chain has been virtually suspended since boarder closures and travel restrictions globally were implemented in the last two weeks of March in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID-19 or not, government must face the elephant in the room

Even before a national lockdown, there was no denying the fact that South Africa’s economy was in a shambles. We were already...
Mantashe Sibanye

Minister Mantashe, the world will be listening at Mining Indaba

In the last Fraser Institute Annual Survey of Mining Companies 2018 South Africa improved its investment attractiveness and policy perceptions scores.

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