Tailings safety

Health, safety and environment regulations need to be reassessed

It will nearly be twelve months since the Brumadinho tailings safety disaster in Brazil which claimed over two hundred and fifty lives.
de beers safety

Can cloud-based dashcam solutions improve vehicle safety?

One of the biggest safety hazards in mining and construction are vehicles. Due to the sheer size of vehicles required for earthmoving purposes.

An economist’s view on the changing mining landscape

Economist, Dawie Roodt, discusses the changing role of trade unions in South Africa’s evolving mining landscape and related economic factors.

Infrastructure development: four lessons for managing stakeholders

Infrastructure projects entail complex ecosystems of stakeholders that requires proactive management. Understanding their needs is key.

What will mining operations of the future look like?

Andrew Lane from Deloitte discusses how mining operations have and should adapt to benefit from technology for successful and sustainable operations.
carbon tax

It’s no longer business as usual with new Carbon Tax Act

The Carbon Tax Act places a liability on carbon-intensive industries producing greenhouse gas pollutants above a certain threshold.
tax gemfields

Record number of applications for second EU passport in South Africa

With the pending tax changes in South Africa the EU second passport scheme is an attractive and enticing proposal for South Africans.

Digital innovation drives the future of mining

There are several companies that have taken up the challenges of digital technology.
Gem diamonds

Mining Charter III detrimental to alluvial diamond mining

Mining Charter III heaps more pain on South Africa’s alluvial diamond producers who already face enormous cost burdens and high risks.
digital india technology

Robots go to the “bottom”: forecasts for automation in mining

The mining industry has historically been conservative, and it has always been difficult to bring miners to experiment with technology and automation.

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