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About Menar

Menar is a private investment company with an actively managed and growing portfolio of mining assets. 

Its mining operations in four provinces in South Africa cover a range of minerals: prime anthracite, thermal coal and manganese. 

Menar’s growth strategy combines acquisitions and green-field project developments. Over the years, the company developed excellent turn-around expertise post-acquisition.  

Menar currently has investments in:

Canyon Coal, a coal mining company with operations in the Mpumalanga and Gauteng provinces of South Africa. Canyon’s current operations consist of the Hakhano, Khanye, Phalanndwa, Phalanndwa Extension and Ukufisa Collieries.

Kangra is a coal mining and processing company that was acquired by Canyon Coal from Madrid-listed Gas Natural Fenosa, in August 2018. Kangra Coal is located in the town of Saul Mkhizeville, in Mpumalanga. Kangra comprises an underground mine and opencast operations.

Zululand Anthracite Colliery (ZAC) is the sole producer of Prime Anthracite in South Africa. ZAC’s unique high qualities are the highest ranking, lowest ash and lowest volatile anthracite produced in South Africa.

East Manganese is a manganese project that Menar acquired from Southern Ambition in August 2018, and forms part of the group’s plan to build a strong Manganese portfolio.

Menar focuses on achieving long-term capital growth while preserving shareholders’ capital. It deftly deploys capital and entrepreneurial skills in its quest to earn sustainable returns on investments in the interest of all stakeholders. This is the basis of our relationship with local and international partners.


Menar invests in controlling and managing shareholders in private and listed companies and allocates capital to selected projects and companies actively involved in mining and resources. With our wide and proprietary access to international deals, we target investments in mining and resources. The Company focuses on achieving long-term capital growth while preserving shareholders’ capital. Capital is allocated to real assets and absolute return.