Minopex is known as a leading outsourced mineral processing plant operator, having earned an impressive track record across 14 countries within Africa and the Middle East.

The organisation maximises value for clients by navigating skill, culture, language and logistical barriers in remote locations to effectively manage and optimize assets on behalf of clients.

Minopex April 2020


Minopex provides fit for purpose operations and maintenance practices with enough depth to cater for various commodities. The organisation’s extensive experience across base metals, precious metals & stones and bulk commodities brings new projects into production in the shortest possible time with an experienced workforce and established policies and procedures. Thus resulting in a shortened ramp up period between commissioning and full production.

Base Metals

  • Copper
  • Cobalt
  • Magnesium
  • Uranium
  • Zinc
  • Nickel
  • Aluminium

Precious Metals & Stones

  • Gold
  • Palladium
  • Silver
  • Platinum
  • Diamonds

Bulk Commodities

  • Bauxite
  • Iron ore
  • Coal


The Minopex capability covers a wide range of value adding services for clients who outsource operations as well as those who prefer to self-operate. We operate, maintain, engineer, advise and optimise mineral processing plants on behalf of our clients.


Minopex deploys a trained and experienced workforce together with integrated systems and controls, to deliver operations services to our clients thereby reducing overall project risk. Minopex operates process plants, mines and analytical laboratories.


At the heart of the Minopex reputation for excellence lies highly qualified and expertly trained maintenance teams focused on asset management and plant reliability. Services include maintenance contracts & management systems as well as shut-down maintenance services.


The Organisation’s capabilities expand a full array of engineering services including shut-down, fabrication and refurbishment work on mineral processing facilities.


The Advisory team provides Operational Consulting services by assisting clients who self-operate to improve asset performances in mines and process plants. Services include operational readiness, value engineering and expert advisory services for plant optimisation.


As companies look for new innovative ways in which to reduce operating and maintenance costs while enhancing productivity, Minopex provides various solutions to maximise production performance, including integrated systems, training & development, commissioning and ramp up services, supply chain management and MOMS, our information management system.


For over two decades Minopex has developed an impressive track record having operated more than 46 sites and commissioned over 62 sites, across the base metals, precious metals & stones and bulk commodity sectors. Today, the organisation is widely recognised as the leading processing plant contract operator in Africa employing over 2 000 staff, across 16 sites. Collectively Minopex plants treat on average 6,7t of Ore per month.

Experienced Workforce

+ Leading team of minerals processing O&M experts

+ We can find, train and deploy skills quickly

+ Optimisation focus – we can bring technical expertise to solve your issues

+ Large pool of DRA technical skills to call on

Cost Optimisation

+ Efficiencies in staffing levels and labour management

+ Procurement and supply chain savings – we leverage our scale in buying better for you

+ Overhead cost optimisation (sharing of support functions across contracts)

Integrated Systems

+ Best practice management processes – The Minopex Way”

+ Integrated systems architecture (including MOMS proprietary MIS system)

+ Ongoing investment in leading technology and digitisation

+ Integrated SHEQ systems

Innovative Risk Management

+ Sound contract governance and oversight

+ Dedicated commissioning and problem-solving teams (operational readiness and SWAT)

+ Ability to take risk and reward with you (innovative contracting models)

Proven Track Record

+ 23 years experience

+ EMEA footprint – 46 plants operated and commissioned

+ Multi-commodity track record

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