MICROMINE’s leading exploration and 3D mine design solution – Micromine 2020 – has been a game-changer for the mining industry since its launch in November 2019.

Next month MM2020.5 launches a suite of new and improved features including an upgraded Implicit Modelling module.

“Implicit modelling is taken to the next level with Micromine 2020.5,” said Chief Product Strategy Officer Paul Hooykaas.

“Accurate, high quality modelling is one of Micromine’s key strengths and the latest release steps that up enabling users to validate and enhance their geological interpretations even more reliably and efficiently.

“The new functionality ensures resource geologists can get the interpretations they need faster, with stronger control and more output quality options for wireframes.

“These improvements give users greater power to capture, manage and interpret exploration and production data to optimise their planning and operations.”

Using data inputs and complex algorithms to produce 3D geological models, Micromine2020.5’s Implicit Modelling module enables geologists to fast track their understanding of any structural or grade boundaries.

There are three key functionality improvements in MM2020.5’s latest tool:

Improved speed

Micromine delivers accurate implicit models with optimised processing speeds enabling geologists to get results quickly without wasting time on the traditional interpretation and wireframing workflow.

MM2020.5 sees optimised speeds in the construction of the implicit model and in its evaluation. Substantial speed improvements to the module means users will benefit from speed increases of 300-400% across all implicit modelling functions.

New smoothness vs accuracy slider

Micromine’s lithology modelling uses interactive tools to create groups of lithology codes, and incorporate points and polylines into the lithological modelling process.

MM2020.5 gives users better control over the outputs when using the Vein and Contact modelling functions. A new “tension” slider allows the user to opt for minimum curvature (smoothness) versus minimum error (point honouring) in the implicit model.

This ability to put greater emphasis on the point honouring or smoothness means users can produce a great-looking and accurate implicit model.

More wireframe output quality options

The number of quality options – which refers to the error tolerance (in grid units) between the wireframe surface and the theoretical perfect mathematical model – has been increased.

Users can now choose from five quality options: custom, draft, standard, high and ultra. Tolerance increases two-fold from ultra to draft options, where the smaller the tolerance, the truer to the mathematical model the wireframe will be.

Offering integrated tools for modelling, estimation, design, optimisation and scheduling, Micromine is a global leader in exploration and 3D mine design.

Trusted by mining and exploration companies operating in more than 90 countries, the comprehensive and easy-to-use exploration and mine design solution offers miners the accuracy and intelligence they need, when they need it.