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Minopex’s growth strategy gains momentum with DRA’s MOMS

Minopex forms an integral part of parent company DRA Group’s strategic growth aspirations over the next few years. To ensure these objectives are achieved, the company has completed a restructure process and is now positioned to further enhance its service delivery and operations performance which will undoubtedly see it rapidly expand its portfolio across the globe.

Minopex’s operations and maintenance contracts business model provides a recurring
revenue stream and as such is considered a financially attractive component within the DRA Group. Subsequently, the focus to grow this element of the business is a strategic goal which has been given immediate emphasis and priority.

“To achieve this, we need to further enhance the performance of the Minopex business by maximising productivity and improving efficiencies for our clients at every site,” says Renira Reddy, Vice President of Origination for Minopex.

“In today’s market, clients need close working relationships with key service providers such as ourselves to deliver and often exceed their production expectations in order to help grow their bottom line. This is the role we offer – which has always been focused on world-class optimisation services while driving innovation and technologies.”

Mining companies, worldwide, are without question shifting their strategies to adopt new business and operating models to include new technologies at a rapid pace.
This fundamental shift has the potential to transform safety outcomes, enhance performance and ultimately unlock opportunities for Minopex’s business.

DRA’s proprietary Mine Operations Management System (MOMS), which will now be housed within Minopex, can help facilitate this transformation and will in future become an integral component of the Minopex value offering.

Moving forward, Minopex will incorporate MOMS into the facilities it operates. The system is a complete enterprise information solution designed to bring together, from pit to port, the various reporting systems (ERP, stores control, plant controls, etc.) within an enterprise into one control system which can be accessed and operated remotely and advances the company’s ability to provide a complete enterprise optimisation solution to its clients.

“Alongside the Group’s vision, we are looking to deliver and operate digital mines, with real time asset management and real time performance optimisation across the entire facility, from concept to closure.”

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