Continued diversification continues to ensure that Minopex can provide clients a holistic service offering.

Our service offering include:


In order to ensure smooth operations in Lesotho and Moçambique, Minopex established Minopex Lesotho and Minopex Moçambique to overcome cross-border challenges. This gives clients the full Minopex quality service offering, while being localised and therefore adapted to the country’s specific regulations in terms of labour and mining and other governing laws.


Offering service with excellence, Quality Laboratory Services’ range of expertise encompasses everything from mineral samples, to waste water and potable water treatment, through to microbiological analysis.


Minopex believes in the power of evolution. Where minds are open, there will always be new frontiers – frontiers that will continually be pushed in the quest for excellence. As the next step in the Minopex evolution, Engineering Services South Africa (ENSERSA) is proudly introduced. At the heart of the Minopex reputation for excellence, lies a team of highly qualified and expertly skilled engineers.


Operating out of a locally based workshop, Engineering Services Moçambique (ENSERMO) was established in order to provide quality engineering services to the mines and process plants in Moçambique as well as ports, harbours and various other industrial applications. All engineers are highly trained and expertly qualified to deliver on all client needs in a timeous manner.


Minopex International is a leading specialist in the field of contract operations and the maintenance of metal and mineral processing facilities in the coal, platinum and diamond industries, operating outside of Southern Africa, with DRA Saudi Arabia operating in Saudi Arabia.


Minopex Mining Operations was established in 2016 with its management team having a combined mining experience of 80 years. This entity is a logical extension to the DRA and Minopex value chain offerings. The addition of Minopex Mining Operations allow us to provide a one stop mining contracting, process contracting and mining/processing projects service offering to our clients, thereby allowing us to assist clients with flexible, integrated, cost effective and highly competitive value added services.