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Barplats: 987,003 tons of chrome concentrate produced during 2020

Eastern Platinum has reported that its subsidiary, Barplats Mines has confirmed the provisional payment terms of the first delivered shipment of pressed filter cake platinum group metals (PGM) concentrate under the existing offtake agreement between Barplats and Impala Refining Services, now Impala Platinum.

These terms confirm the restart of PGM revenue by the Company.

Capital projects

As a result of some initial confirmations of rights exercise, the Company has begun the detailed planning regarding the intended reconfiguring and procurement initiatives on both the small-scale PGM circuit and the existing main PGM facility.

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This work will allow quicker procurement upon the closing of the rights offering. The optimization of the PGM Circuit D and the refurbishment of the PGM Circuit 1 are intended to stabilize existing production and increase the capacity of the PGM recovery and sales.

Diana Hu, the President and CEO of Eastplats, stated that: “the initial confirmation of exercises of the rights offering has allowed the Company to allocate time and begin the planning work on the PGM Circuit D and PGM Circuit 1.

These projects expand Eastplats PGM processing capacity and potential revenue sources. The Company looks forward to the completion and closing of the rights offering and to then continue the development of opportunities in South Africa for its shareholders.”

2020 operations

The Company is pleased to confirm that Barplats produced 987,003 tons of chrome concentrate during 2020 and was able to deliver 960,776 tons under the offtake agreement with Union Goal Offshore Solutions Inc.

The Company is very pleased to have successfully operated the Chrome Retreatment Project for 309 days in 2020. Non-operating days include planned shutdowns, adverse weather, and South African lockdowns and closures related to COVID-19.


South Africa remains at alert level 3 regarding COVID-19 cases. The Company continues to follow the health guidelines of the Government of South Africa.

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The Retreatment Project remains in full operation and continues to produce and transport chrome and PGM end products.

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The effects of COVID-19 are evolving and changing and the consequences of a further increase in the alert level in South Africa, temporary shutdown of any operations or other related issues cannot be reasonably estimated at this time, but could potentially have material adverse effects on the Company’s business, operations, liquidity and cashflows.